About Us

Why Choose V +

V+ products truly help to create harmony from within by offering superior, one-of-a kind nutritional beverages that help to balance nutrient deficiencies while promoting a vibrant lifestyle. Our bodies are under constant stress, especially in today’s busy hectic world. Our cells are constantly regenerating and renewing and it is our choice as to how smooth this process goes. In order to support this cycle of renewal and restoration in the most productive manner, the nutrients that are missing must be replenished and balanced.  This is done with our specially designed line of life-changing products that literally help feed the body with nutrient-rich ingredients that are essential to taking full advantage of the miraculous design of the human body.  Our formulations strategically combine specific elements of nature that contain therapeutic levels of powerful, active ingredients rather than just a dash or a splash of popular ingredients that really don’t amount to much.  Using only the best, unadulterated forms of Hemp derived CBD, vitamins, minerals, powders, extracts and much more, V+’s line of life enhancing products are in a class of their own.

We guarantee that you will see a difference.

Superior Quality

Be confident in knowing that V+’s top priority is to only offer the best products available.

Every product we offer is:

  • Made in the USA in a state-of-the-art, FDA inspected facility and has been scientifically proven to be safe and effective
  • Manufactured under the stringent standards of cGMP.
  • Guaranteed to contain the highest grade, toxin-free, lab tested ingredients
  • Guaranteed to contain precisely what is listed on the nutritional label

Superior Products = Superior Results!

Your health is our concern

Our goal at V+ is not to simply sell as many products as possible.  We believe that maintaining balance is the key to providing products that result in satisfied consumers.  With this in mind, we strongly reinforce the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise, wholesome eating habits and stress-free lifestyle habits.   We encourage our customers to rely on real, whole food for nutrition. However, we are aware that in today’s fast-paced world, it is highly unlikely that anyone can obtain optimal nutrition from food alone, especially those who maintain heightened levels of performance on a consistent basis. Therefore, we believe that incorporating our top quality beverages and shots into one’s busy lifestyles will certainly give an edge on enjoying a healthy and active life at any age.

High Quality Ingredients

A nutritional product of any sort is only as good as the quality of the ingredients.  Although our prices are competitive with mass-marketed products, the quality of our ingredients is never compromised.  We are very cautious when choosing suppliers of our raw ingredients. We prefer to use thoroughly tested, raw materials from reputable companies rather than taking a risk on using generic ingredients just because they are less expensive. All of our raw ingredients are thoroughly tested before being released for use in our products.  The finished products are again tested to ensure quality, purity and potency before being packaged and released for sale. Also, all of our labels are reviewed to assure they comply with all regulations for dietary supplements and beverages set forth by the FDA.

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